AfterDawn: Glossary


CrystalBrite is Acer's marketing name for high gloss, anti-reflective LCD laptop screens. Anti-reflective LCD technology was first introduced by Fujitsu in 2003 and instantly took hold due to being higher in contrast and producing more colorful and clearer images than traditional laptop screens.

What makes the CrystalBrite screen different is the type of polarizer used, which on a traditional screen has a rough matte surface and a smooth chemically treated surface on the CrystalBrite screen. This surface absorbs most of the external light instead of diffusing it at different angles as with the matte surface.

This makes the screen much more readable particularly in extremely bright conditions such as outdoors although in situations where there is direct light facing the screen the high gloss can cause distracting reflections.

CrystralBrite displays are included in almost all Acer netbooks and notebooks currently available on the market.


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