AfterDawn: Glossary

Kindle Format 8

Kindle Format 8 is an e-book standard created by Amazon Inc. for its Kindle line of e-readers and tablet PCs.

Kindle Format 8, or KF8, is a replacement for the Mobi 7 format widely used with many e-books. It brings support for HTML 5 tags, CSS3 styling (albeit limited), Embedded fonts, Fixed layouts, Drop caps, Scalable Vector Graphics and so forth.

KF8 adds over 150 new formatting capabilities for those creating e-books, allowing them to break away from paragraphed text blocks and create content that looks more appealing and can be set to the tone of the subject itself.

KF8, for example, has already been used to create comic and graphic novels for Kindle devices, as well as technical and engineering books, children's books and so forth.

The Kindle Fire tablet was the first Amazon device to officially support KF8, with Amazon rolling out capabilities for more models later.



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