AfterDawn: Glossary

Media Access Project

The Media Access Project is a law firm and organization that represents and advocates for the general public in communications and media policy. They work on behalf of the public to promote freedom of expression and information, universal low cost communications services, and for rights to independent and diverse media sources.

Media Access Project fights to ensure that the public is informed on important current issues by many sources of information, ideas and viewpoints from the broadcasting media.

They actively work on behalf of people or groups to expose violations of the FCC's rules. They have been involved in the debates over sponsorship identification and the funding of public television.

MAP takes a leading role in putting forward ideas and suggestions for reform in communications and technology fighting for the public's right to fair access.

One of its key principles is the push for the FCC to expand unlicensed uses of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing as many users as modern technology will permit.



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