AfterDawn: Glossary

Viaccess PC3.0

Viaccess PC3.0 is a Conditional Access System developed by France Telecom and released for use in 2007. It is the latest in the line of Viaccess systems currently in wide use around the world to problem Digital Media Broadcasts from unauthorized viewing by non-subscribers. Like Viaccess PC2.5 and Viaccess PC2.6, Viaccess PC3.0 has remained secure since it was launched in 2007. The Viaccess PC2.3 and Viaccess PC2.4, while still in use, are considered to be insecure and compromised by hackers.

So far, Viaccess PC3.0 has not needed to be replaced, as is understandable considering the long-run of secure systems from this line of CAS systems.


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