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libavcodec is a code library developed as part of the FFmpeg project. Many free and open source media players and encoders use it to support various audio and video formats, including all standard consumer formats. libavcodec can be used on all standard operating systems (Windows, OS X, and Linux).

FFmpeg Development
Due to constant development of FFmpeg none of its components, including libavcodec, have standard releases like most software. Rather, there are regular stable updates. Because of this, there will be times that the current libavcodec version used by a particular program will have only partial support for new formats. In many cases, though, libavcodec offers support for new formats and standards before they're widely supported in most consumer software.

Video and Audio Support
Several formats, including FFmpeg's FFV1 lossless format, can be encoded (created) as well as decoded (read). Others can only be decoded at this time. Since libavcodec is constantly under development, we only give a partial list here. For complete information on libavcodec visit the FFmpeg project homepage.

Partial List of Supported Video Formats

Unless noted all formats can be encoded as well as decoded
  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4 ASP and SP (DivX, XviD, 3IVX, etc,...)
  • MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 1
  • VC-11 (WMV 9 Advanced Profile)
  • WMV 7
  • WMV 8
  • FLV1 (Flash Video)
  • DV
  • MJPEG (similar to DV)
  • HuffYUV
  • FFV1 (FFmpeg lossless)
  • Snow (FFmpeg lossy)
  • RealVideo RV10
  • RealVideo RV20

Partial List of Supported Audio Formats

Unless noted all formats can be encoded as well as decoded
  • AC-3 (Dolby Digital)
  • MP2
  • MP32
  • FLAC (open source lossless compression)
  • Apple Lossless1 (used in iTunes)
  • Monkey's Audio1 (another lossless format)
  • Shorten1 (another lossless format)
  • Vorbis (open source format similar to MP3)
  • ATRAC31 (Sony format similar to MP3)
  • WMA 1
  • WMA 2
  • WavPack 1
1 Decode only
2 Encoding requires LAME encoder

libavcodec and Other Software

You can find links below to software that uses libavcodec.

Playback Guides With libavcodec Related Software

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How to play TS files
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How to play RMVB files
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How to Play MPG and MPEG files
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How to play OGM files
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How to play MKV files
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How to play FLV files
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