AfterDawn: Glossary

Secure Content Storage Association

The Secure Content Storage Association, or SCSA, is an industry group for the creation and licensing of solutions to secure premium video content on storage devices.

SCSA was founded by SanDisk, a world-leader in flash-based solid state storage solutions, along with Western Digital and movie studios (Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros.).

The new coalition was announced in February 2012, and details were given about its first work, "Project Pheonix."

The initiative aims to provide an easier and faster way to organize, store and move HD movies and TV shows between different consumer electronics devices, for the average consumer. Using the UltraViolet standard, content will also be stored in the cloud.

SCSA, and similar groups, are formed to address issues stemming from the rapid-expansion of HD-capable electronic devices and the explosion of digital HD catalogs of content. Hollywood movie studios want to provide services that are easy to use and interoperable in order to compete with piracy, and video streaming services such as Netflix and LoveFilm, which provide much less revenue to movie studios as a "buy to own" model.



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