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Logistep is a privately controlled, Swiss-based anti-piracy group that works not only in Switzerland but worldwide as well.

The company says it is at the heart of investigating copyright infringement and even has patented “LS-Technology” that allows the company to protect content such as movies, computer games, music and software. Logistep adds, "through our protected technology it is possible to identify files/ databases and their owners, respectively individual File Traders who seed File-Sharing networks with copyrighted material, in an absolutely clear and reliable manner. We recognize the problem and we offer effective solutions to prevent further economic losses, including compensation for the lost licence fees."

Logistep is similar to other anti-piracy agents such as the IFPI, BREIN and CRIA but Logistep is privately owned and not run exclusively by donations from the large record labels and other content owners. It is more similar to BayTSP.

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