AfterDawn: Glossary


LiquidHD is being pushed by Silicon Image for connecting home multimedia wirelessly. Silicon Image is a pioneer chip maker, which helped to perfect the widely adopted High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) technology for connecting HD products. LiquidHD makes it possible to watch multimedia content throughout the home on any available display.

The new technology can connect all televisions, Blu-ray / DVD players, games consoles, DVRs and computers to a single home network. In use, a user could, for example, pause a video game or Blu-ray movie in the living room, and then go to another room in the house and resume play on a different television with just one remote control.

Silicon Image has created a chip that manufacturers can embed in the next generation of television models, while it can offer software development kits for makers of games consoles, DVRs and Blu-ray players. TVs currently on the market can also be used with the system through the use of a small external device.

Silicon Image doesn't expect to have the first products incorporating LiquidHD on the market until 2010, but has already gotten approval from Fox Studios for the security and content protection used by the technology. The company will form a consortium to develop an international LiquidHD standard and promote it, mimicking the approach used with HDMI.


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