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Nvidia driver update brings SLI support to AMD platform

Written by James Delahunty @ 25 Jun 2011 7:27

Nvidia driver update brings SLI support to AMD platform Nvidia makes good on promise to bring SLI to AMD systems.
At the end of April, Nvidia said it was responding to customers requests by bringing SLI to AMD-based boards. It announced that it had licensed SLI to the world's leading motherboard companies for integration onto their upcoming mothers featuing AMD's 990FX, 990X and 970 chipsets.

ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, and MSI were among the first to implement the technology which had previously been limited to systems running Intel CPUs.

Earlier this week, the support was made official with the release of new (beta) Nvidia GeForce drivers. The Nvidia GeForce 275.50 BETA software suite enabled SLI on supported AMD systems.

Of course, not all boards with 990FX, 990X and 970 chipsets support SLI, only the certified boards, which will feature a logo on the packaging.

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