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Here is another purported iPhone 5 pic

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 04 Aug 2011 3:23 User comments (10)

Here is another purported iPhone 5 pic A poster at MacRumors has posted an alleged picture of the iPhone 5, which is expected to launch in September.
In the image we see a very slim iPhone (thinner than the iPhone 4) with a more rounded body.

The poster says the picture was secretly taken while at the office of a French carrier.

Says the poster:

The only thing I can tell you, is that my iPhone 4 looks really slow now.

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10 user comments

14.8.2011 16:32

The only thing I can tell you, is that my iPhone 4 looks really slow now.
It always was really slow -_-

24.8.2011 16:39

i want 1, screw my iphone 4! lol

34.8.2011 17:04

We're almost a month away (from the expected launch date), when is Apple going to announce and unveil?? I'm getting antsy!

44.8.2011 17:56

They'll probably announce it like 2-3 weeks before it hits stores to give preorders time to add up.

I really hope they bring it to T-Mobile with HSPA+ 4G. I want one but don't want to go back to AT&T and I can't stand CDMA.

54.8.2011 22:43

Did they actually put the antennas around the outside of the phone, separating the different antennas by only a tiny gap...AGAIN? If so, bravo Apple...stick it to anyone who is willing to pay for it!

65.8.2011 09:57

@Killer is that why they only show it from one angle lol

75.8.2011 15:15

@KillerBug, you don't get it. Apple masterminds are always many steps beyond us mortal beings. Thus, they launched the iP4 to get their customers used to hold right the phone, so they would be able to upgrade flawlessly to the next generation once they'd been trained properly. Their biggest concern has always been customer care!

Furthermore, people is always complaining about Apple not honoring backwards compatibility. The antenna issue, if confirmed, would be the ultimate proof elsewise.

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

86.8.2011 14:41

Nice they show you how to hold it properly in the pics to successfully make a call...

Just my $0.02,


96.8.2011 21:29

Apple is too busy suing every other company left right and centre to worry about its own products. Good luck Apple buying Samsung memory when the contract is up.

106.8.2011 23:22

Is it me or does anyone else ever notice the pattern, apple gets in a news post, first 3 or 4 posters are very pro apple and then the rest of the world plays pull it to bits and bash the apple... ummm I remember the day when you would get at least a few more pro apple posts... maybe ur right, they are probably to busy cooking up a new non descript patent to buy to try and choke everyone else.. thing is ur now nearly 50 percent market share with droid virtually the world over from what I can make out... and I'm pretty sure no1 spot wont be urs much longer..

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