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HP starts discounting their WebOS tablet

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Aug 2011 22:51 User comments (2)

HP starts discounting their WebOS tablet HP has started a promotion today that will chop $50 off the price of their newly-launched WebOS-based TouchPad tablet.
With the discount, the tablet will sell for $450 (16GB model) or $550 (32GB model).

Retailers and channel partners have offered that demand for the TouchPad is very light, so the promotion is not a shock to anyone. What is shocking is how quickly HP had to resort to the price cut after launching the device on July 1st.

One HP partner in the health care market, Denali Advanced Integration, says they have seen interest from a number of hospitals who have requested "try-before-you-buy" units. There have been very little completed sales, however.

The company purchased Palm last April to acquire WebOS and all its patents, and the TouchPad, along with a new version of the Palm Pre, are the only new devices consumers have seen with the mobile OS. Developer support has been, understandably, limited.

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2 user comments

13.8.2011 23:00

Anybody who didn't see this coming, please stand on your head. :)

24.8.2011 0:38 is wonderful that HP has prevents people from blaming android for the terrible performance and reliability of HP hardware, and it also prevents most people from wasting their money on it in the first place.

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