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Happy vicennial to the World Wide Web

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Aug 2011 21:43 User comments (3)

Happy vicennial to the World Wide Web On this date in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee (no, not Al Gore) published the first website ever on the World Wide Web (WWW).
At the time, Lee was a contractor at CERN, the European nuclear research organization and had access to the largest Internet node on the continent.

The Internet, back then, consisted of computers being able to talk to each other. Lee proposed the WWW system, which would give users a way to access various information sources, from whatever computer they were on using hyperlinks.

Thanks to the WWW, typing in a web address actually leads you to that site's servers, and a visual page.

The first ever website was a part of and was just an info page with links. You can view a cached version of that page here: The first web page

For more info on the start of the WWW, check here:

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3 user comments

16.8.2011 23:36

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27.8.2011 2:06

Al Gore didn't invent the internet? Next you are going to tell me that ManBearPig isn't real either.

37.8.2011 3:31

For yours I thought I was just one of the things Mr T invented in the 80s, hehe its ok killer thanks to gene splicing soon everyone can have their own man bear pig.. ;-)

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