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Fusion Garage reveals Grid10 tablet

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 15 Aug 2011 12:05 User comments (1)

Fusion Garage reveals Grid10 tablet

TabCo is Fusion Garage.
Fusion Garage created the unsuccessful "joojoo" tablet in 2009 which the CEO admits could not live up to the hype surrounding it. Company will send all joojoo owners the new tablet, for free.

The company is calling their 10 inch tablet the Grid10, because it uses the new "Grid" OS. Grid is built from scratch on top of the Android kernel.

FG says the device will ship with Tegra 2 processor, 1366x768 resolution, Grid 1.0.

Grid Desktop is syncing program and brings all content directly to the Grid10. Coolest feature shown off is the Grid homepage, which is one full page, not separate home pages for "Clusters" of apps (social, music, movies, business) etc.

GridStore and Amazon Android store for apps, native email, gallery and more with split-screen capability in the browser. All of it looks very sleek, including movie playback.

Priced at $500 for Wi-Fi only, with September 15th release date. $100 more if you want 3G.

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1 user comment

115.8.2011 18:33

(...) it uses the new "Grid" OS. Grid is built from scratch on top of the Android kernel (...)

Of course, Android is more than its kernel, but I still don't understand if this is really a different OS or just a Desktop layer, like HTC sense or MotoBlur. Anyway, does this mean it won't get access to the Android Market either? That's the worst flaw of most of the tablets out there nowadays.

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