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Sony announces new PSP E-1000 for just €99

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 16 Aug 2011 18:06 User comments (6)

Sony announces new PSP E-1000 for just €99 Today at their gamescom press conference, Sony Europe has announced the launch of a new PSP, dubbed the E-1000, which will sell for just €99.
Additionally, the company says it will relaunch some UMD titles like FIFA 12 and Invizimals as "PSP Essentials" for just €9.99.

In order to hit the sub-€100 mark, Sony has slashed Wi-Fi from the handheld. You better enjoy playing single player campaigns.

The design and form factor are slightly different as well, with a matte feel and "charcoal" color seen on the slim PS3s.

Sony says the console is only available in PAL regions, at least for now.

Some pictures:

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6 user comments

116.8.2011 18:39

Wait, why this when Vita is right around the corner?

216.8.2011 18:43

Originally posted by ROMaster2:
Wait, why this when Vita is right around the corner?
Something to fill the gap before Vita comes out in January, February.

316.8.2011 20:20

Absolutely 100% useless

Carpe Noctem

416.8.2011 21:48

Originally posted by flyingpen:
Absolutely 100% useless
If it gets hacked it could be useful as many it isn't necessarily 100% useless.

517.8.2011 0:04

there is a huge catalog of games so some will get at xmas instead of the 3DS maybe. I might get one to Tye me over till the Vita comes.

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617.8.2011 2:23

Sony's view: You can't hack us if your system doesn't have wifi

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