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Apple curbing knockoff products sold in NYC

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 19 Aug 2011 4:58 User comments (4)

Apple curbing knockoff products sold in NYC According to documents newly unsealed by the Brooklyn federal court, Apple has been quietly and effectively curbing knockoff sales of its products in New York City.
Two stores in Queens, NY, have already had all their unauthorized iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories seized. The company is demanding the names of suppliers and customers of the accessories.

One store, called "Apple Story," is also being told to change its name to avoid confusing consumers looking for sanctioned products.

NY resident Janie Po Chiang is the owner of Apple Story and Fun Zone Inc., each of which now have a trademark infringement suit filed against them.

Of the accessories seized, Apple says iPod, iPhone and iPad cases and stereo headsets came housed in packaging that was "nearly an exact duplicate" of genuine Apple products. Additionally, the products said "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China," and had the official Apple logo.

Both parties are close to a settlement, says Reuters.

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4 user comments

120.8.2011 05:03

So...what are they going to do about the 10,000 vendor carts selling iKnockoffs?

220.8.2011 11:40

They make so much money idk why they retrospect these cheap knockoffs make their product look better. A classmate of mine learned that the hard way with his barely functional ifone until finally he got the real thing as a present.

322.8.2011 03:32

The next thing they'll do is snatch an apple from a childs hand! and say no! you can't eat this apple because we at apple created the apple so there is no way in hell you are ever going to be able to eat this apple without paying a massive price!

ZX Spectrum 128K

422.8.2011 08:58

If they didnt make suck crazy high prices goods with massively greedy margins people wouldn't be as tempted to make the knock off versions.

At the end of the day, when these a buck to be made, someone will have a crack at it, apple can shut these people down, im sure more will spring right back up. But really were they being any more evil than apple themselves from a profit point of view ?

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