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Netflix would have paid $300 million per year for Starz

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 02 Sep 2011 12:58 User comments (8)

Netflix would have paid $300 million per year for Starz

As we have reported multiple times, Starz and Netflix have broken up, with the relationship ending in February after 4 years.
Netflix paid just $28 million per year for their current contract and according to LAT, was willing to pay $300 million per year to renew.

Starz, on the other hand, didn't care about the money but instead wanted to add tiered pricing to Netflix, meaning users who wanted Starz would have had to pay more per month for a subscription, perhaps in line with what consumers of companies like Dish Network pay.

That appears to be the only sticking point that failed in the negotiations, as Netflix refused to pay for the content and pass on the extra costs to the consumers.

Surprisingly, the article also says that perhaps Amazon would be willing to negotiate with Starz over the content.

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8 user comments

12.9.2011 01:19

This story was so good it needed three articles.

22.9.2011 09:31

I have Dish Network and we get Starz free.

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32.9.2011 10:54

I pretty much watch only Natgeo documentaries and stuff like that on Netflix streaming. Not sure this is any big deal. I know people who subscribe only to DVD's from Netflix, copy them and store them on their hard drives and watch at their convenience. Starz, Sony get to greedy and your most honest individual will turn to piracy to save $$'s.

42.9.2011 19:42

"perhaps" amazon is willing to pay, which means amazon will tell them to go suck an egg also, i would. i love netflix, but yea, if the price kept going up and up and up, i would leave them faster than a fart escapes my ..... anyways...

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53.9.2011 01:44

Starz is just being greedy.

63.9.2011 04:50

Originally posted by klassic:
I have Dish Network and we get Starz free.

Unless you are stealing Dish Network, you are paying for Starz.

Personally I don't mind Starz leaving netflix that much...only 1-2 titles of all their movies were worth watching, and I already watched them. Actually, loss of bad content is a good thing in my view. Netflix has a terrible recommendation system. They have a star system that estimates what you will rate a movie, and it is actually pretty accurate most of the time. The only problem is that it is not used. The front page of, "watch now" is nothing but a bunch of movies that they don't think I will like (all estimating 1-2 stars)...most of these are Starz and Disney. I guess the loss of Starz probably just means there will be more Disney movies on this page, but there is now a slim possibility that one day there will be some movie on the, "You might like" page that I might actually like, and that I have not already watched and given stars to.

74.9.2011 16:53

Greedy Bastards.. Glad Netflix put their foot down.

85.9.2011 15:48

Frankly, I got tired of both Starz and Netfix...

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