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Nintendo to make 3DS announcement on the 13th

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Sep 2011 11:46 User comments (15)

Nintendo to make 3DS announcement on the 13th Could this be the new 3DS with revised hardware?
Nintendo has sent press invites for an event on September 13th, expected to be a "major announcement" for the 3DS.

Rumor has it that the company is already developing a revised 3DS hardware, one that will launch next year or later this year.

Featuring a second analog stick, the console will also tone down the 3D capabilities of the system, which has proven to be a bust.

After just 5 months on the market, Nintendo acknowledged that the 3DS was overpriced and slashed the price from $250 to $170 giving early adopters very little to celebrate except for free games.

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15 user comments

12.9.2011 20:43

so they not going to call this 3ds no more?

23.9.2011 11:40

Probably 3DS Lite or something...

DS Warrior ! ! !

33.9.2011 11:40

Probably 3DS Lite or something...

DS Warrior ! ! !

43.9.2011 15:33

Well the reason 3ds failing is because they release every handheld almost every year. In fact, I bet Nintendo not even making money for DSi XL since it's the same price as the 3ds. Since there's no report about DSi XL not selling then I guess people like DSi XL more than 3ds. If people were smart, they would get 3ds since it has more games. I think they don't even make ds games no more just 3ds itself.

53.9.2011 15:54

If people were smart, they would get 3ds since it has more games. I think they don't even make ds games no more just 3ds itself.
Technically the DS/Lite/i/iXL has about a 3000 game library over the 3DS as it has only what, 30?

The main reason no-one is buying 3DS is because of no software titles for it.

The second reason no one buys the 3DS is because people with eyesight issues can't play it.

The 3rd reason people don't buy it is because Nintendo is trying too hard to market the 2D aspect of the console which is a "retarded" move for big N, as it takes away the very core of what the system represented. That'd be like taking away 1 screen from the DS because people didn't make games that supported 2 screens...

Honestly if Nintendo just keeps up software distribution and licensing, then the 3DS would not need changing. And the fact that they are stripping the 3D function a bit, means they lost faith in their product and it's move like these that usually destroy a console/handheld lifespan.
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63.9.2011 18:51

So basically, the announcement is "Here's a new version of something you don't want!"

74.9.2011 14:10

Yeah so far it's a massive FAIL. Why release more titles when the platform sucks and isn't selling?

Just my $0.02,


84.9.2011 20:30

I wish people would actually do some damn research before they start shouting out crap. First of all, the 3DS was not a "massive fail." It had a slow start which accounted for two things.

1. Price
2. Low on software

The whole eye strain thing has been blown out of proportion, and you can even turn the 3D off. Hell take a break, my eyes start to burn if I look at a computer screen all day, so I take a break.

3DS has been the overall top selling console in Japan (Gamestop and EB games seeing hike sales for 3DS and PS3 in the US) for the last three weeks since it's price drop, selling 60,781 units for this past week. Top selling software is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with 287,829 units for this past week, with Zelda and super pokemon rumble rounding off the top ten. Don't brother using "it's only in Japan" crap either, Japan is one of the primary areas of gaming in the world, just ask Microsoft.

Now if you don't like Nintendo, that's fine, that's your opinion.
But if you're going to try to belittle something as least have the facts to back it up. Now I like Nintendo along with Sony, can't say for xbox since I have not own one yet. Keep doing what you doing Nintendo, keep trying to innovate and be competitive to keep everyone on there toes, so as the "consumers" we can reap the benefits of all gaming. I'll be getting a 3DS along with the PS Vita.

95.9.2011 11:55

Handheld consoles are on the way out. The Vita I'm sure will be a fantastic device, but smartphone gaming is getting very good. Games are cheaper, there are many more of them, and they are more convenient to get hold of. Plus they are smaller and lighter.

105.9.2011 12:25

That remains to be seen. I don't see handhelds going out anything soon, especially if you have core gamers still around. I can see the casual market flocking to smartphones, but as far as getting that gaming experience it's still going to be consoles (PC as well) and handhelds. Besides there are still some gaming issues on smartphones such as controller input,battery life, and you have to understand what type of games are being made. Love Angry Birds but development most likely does not exceed such games as Resident Evil Revelations and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

119.9.2011 10:27

they better not drop the 3d element of the console or they're facing a lawsuit from ppl .....
just like the ps3 extra os removal, i bought the 3ds to enjoy 3d games and videos.

If it's broken..... fix it or .... nah just fix it.

129.9.2011 10:54

Virtual boy all over again. They should have marketed the new DS as a 2D unit with noticeably better graphics capabilities (PSP or better) making 3D ready the 'extra' feature. Then people would have flocked to the system.

Sad to see a Nintendo handheld go out this way.

Better luck next time.

Trin - Making Digital Waves

1331.10.2011 17:24
Unverified new user

Actually I have looked into it and you can use DS games in a 3DS all you have to do is: Put the DS game into the 3DS it may be hard to get in and then after youve got it in turn it on and then go to the main screen and you will see an icon on the top screen of the game that is in the 3DS and then pus in the start and select buttons in at the same time you will notice that the icon will spin very fast that means you can now play DS games in a 3DS

141.11.2011 20:32

what are you talking about KILLOPOP ....
The 3ds is backwards compatible with ds games without pressing
start and select button....
just inserting the DS gamecart into the system
and will bring it up in the browser...

The method you described is
(for some reason)
a way to shrink the natural size of DS screen ratio.

If anyone reads killpops message as being
"the only way to play them" its false.
just insert like it as normal into the console,
and it WILL load onto the 3DS dash for you to choose an play
without the button holding.

If it's broken..... fix it or .... nah just fix it.

151.11.2011 20:35

duh killopop it can play ds games on 3ds thats why it has ds in the title.

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