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The rumors are back, is a Blu-ray add-on headed to the Xbox 360?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Sep 2011 13:06 User comments (8)

The rumors are back, is a Blu-ray add-on headed to the Xbox 360? Thanks to a popular Italian Xbox 360 magazine, the oft-rumored Xbox 360 Blu-ray add-on is back in the news.
For years now, there have been rumors that Microsoft will launch a Blu-ray add-on similar to the HD-DVD add-on the company released in 2007 when the two formats were fighting for supremacy.

The magazine says Microsoft is working on an external Blu-ray drive that could also "act as an external hard drive" and let gamers backup their game saves and DLC.

Of course, like in the past, file this under speculation.

Mockup via GR:

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8 user comments

19.9.2011 13:28

Yeah a burning back-up device!?

29.9.2011 15:33

I would love it if it were true. I need a ext bluray drive for me Media tank and a drive that would also work on my xbox would just be win/win for me :)

39.9.2011 16:37

Microsoft ( SKy Net ) and even the word "Back Up" dont mix lol. im suprised they allowed backups to the hard drive. I can see MS wanting to finnaly add a bluray drive addon since there HD DVD drive did a nice Epic Fail. blurays are still very popular, i wouldnt be suprised if MS finally pulled that trigger. I hope so. But i would still use my ps3 for blurays since its native to the system, rather than an addon. so i wouldnt buy the add on for the xbox 360. But for those who dont own a ps3 or bluray player, i would spend your money on a ps3, so you get a media player and game system all in one.

410.9.2011 7:07

Originally posted by Interestx:
Yeah a burning back-up device!?

Not game disc, they are talking about game data where you save and when you start up the game again where you left off.

510.9.2011 20:28


Nobody is going to shell out on blank BD25 or BD 50 -REs to back up game saves.

This story (like all the Xbox Blu-ray add-on stories) is total BS and makes no sense at all.

Anyone who wants a Blu-ray video player can get one really cheap now, so this debate about them being in game consoles is, for most, completely irrelevant.

(not to mention bad for the environment, standalone Blu-ray players use around 25w, game consoles a ton more)

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617.9.2011 12:49

You wouldn't need to buy blank discs to save game data, the BD add-on would have internal memory for that.

I'll believe it when I see it though.

Hi there.......

717.9.2011 22:34


That makes no sense either, everyone who wants simple back-up uses either the hard drive built-in or the 4gb memory the latest Arcade has or just uses any old flash drive.

There's nothing about 'back-ups or game saves' that makes any sense here.....other than to pad out another idiotic and 100% baseless claim that Xbox is getting a Blu-ray movie player, which, as I pointed out, with basic Blu-ray players already so cheap makes no sense at all.

It was different when the HD DVD add-on launched, it was at the time - and by a country mile - the cheapest way into watching any HD content.
The same was once true of PS3 too (for Hd via Blu-ray).
Those days are long gone.

818.9.2011 12:23

Oh, I agree.. There's no way MS will release a BDR drive for the 360, and the only way they could possibly make a BD drive worthwhile is for it to be a data storage device, not just as a way to play blu-ray movies. But that would alienate too many of their users.

I think they slipped up a bit by not incorporating the HD-DVD Drive inside the 360 itself, but that's old hat now. I guess the way they look at it, they have a more than capable HD device, but with no way to play HD content other than through downloads, and as you pointed out, unless this so-called add-on is ridiculously cheap it will be pointless, and we all know what MS is like when it comes to pricing their products.

As I said, I'll believe it when I see it.

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