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EU extends music copyrights to 70 years

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Sep 2011 20:06 User comments (5)

EU extends music copyrights to 70 years The EU has extended the copyright terms for music to 70 years from the current 50 years, just months before the first Beatles albums would have entered the public domain.
Critics, most notably the Open Rights Group (via TF) were majorly disappointed by the decision:

Research showed that around 90% of the cash windfall from copyright levies will fall into the hands of record labels. Despite the rhetoric, small artists will gain very little from this, while our cultural heritage takes a massive blow by denying us full access to these recordings for another generation.

There were some notable voters against the plan, including the Belgian, Czech, Dutch, Luxembourg, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish delegations.

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5 user comments

117.9.2011 21:49

Yea this is bs, considering for sure any artist now will be long gone and dead. And I bet that after 20 years is up they pass a new bill extending the copyright another 100 years just cause it's The Beatles.

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218.9.2011 0:00

Exactly, the Beatles is pretty much the only real reason here.

318.9.2011 3:45

It's the same here in the U.S. with Mickey Mouse.

418.9.2011 15:16

It's the same here in the U.S. with Mickey Mouse.

Very valid point there.

519.9.2011 13:10

Beatles have nothing to do with it folks... Labels, pure & simple. The greed machines want another 20 years worth of feeding off of the corps' of dead artists while the worms feed off of them in the ground. Plus, it'll give them another 20 years to figure out another scheme to shyster their way into making even more money off the deceased even furthering their ill gotten earnings.

I just keep referring back to Elvis Presley & how they continually repackage his old old ass. I mean, how many times can you keep going back to Red Lobster & get a shrimp/prawn dinner buy another name? These ghouls 'will' find another way, but currently it only seems to be through technological advancement (records/vynal-8 track tape-cassette tape-cd-lazer disk-dvd-bluray) or through this current method of judicial, which is going to probably be a one hit wonder seeing as it took about 100 years to get it even this far.

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