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Gartner predicts iPad will remain dominant for at least 4 more years

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2011 18:31 User comments (1)

Gartner predicts iPad will remain dominant for at least 4 more years Gartner analysts are predicting Apple's iPad will finish 2011 with nearly three quarters of all tablet sales worldwide.
Last year, they say, Apple had an 83 percent share. Of course, when you consider they also predict total tablet sales in 2011 to triple last year's numbers, that's certainly good news for Apple.

Android tablets are expected to account for 17 percent of the market in 2011, increasing from just 2.5 million units last year to 11 million this year.

Despite major gains by Android, Gartner says the iPad will be the leading tablet through at least 2015.

Gartner's Robert Cozza said:

Most of Apple's competitors are struggling to meet Apple's prices without considerably sacrificing margins. Screen quality and processing power are the two hardware features that vendors cannot afford to compromise on. They should consider everything else nice to have, rather than essential, in order to keep bills-of-materials costs competitive with those of the iPad.

One possible development which could throw off Cozza's prediction is Amazon's entry into the tablet market. Rumors suggest not only will they be selling an Android tablet soon, but it will be sold at or below cost.

It could be introduced as early as next Wednesday

Gartner's report indicates they have taken the Amazon tablet into account, meaning they apparently don't believe it will be a particularly big threat to the iPad.

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123.9.2011 22:19

People always seem to forget, these "sales scales" are post haste. They're well after the fact and not a clear indicator of future sales. They're used as a style of fear mongering customers into buying products that will 'seem' cool in the coming months, not necessarily what they truly want. This, "Oh, you suck cause we sold 40 billion units in 1973..." means nothing.

What have you got for me lately? And if there is one thing Wall Street has been trying to snake oil everyone on is that they can tell the future. I don't know about you folks, but I've sen their track record here as of recently & it ain't looking so hot...

As for "meeting Apple's prices..." I can guarantee you I can throw together a fragile P.O.S. & slap $1500 to $1800 on it real easy like, just like they can. Now how can they say meet a margin 'and' price? I think it's time for Charlie Sheen to stop writing their PR copy.

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