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Samsung will be taking the patent fight to Apple

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Sep 2011 17:48 User comments (3)

Samsung will be taking the patent fight to Apple Confirming recent stories about their strategy for fighting Apple patent lawsuits, Samsung has officially acknowledged they plan to be more aggressive in their patent battle with Apple.
Since April, Apple has been filing lawsuits around the world, attempting to get Samsung smartphones and tablets taken off the market. Recent reports have suggested Samsung intends to respond in kind by suing to block sales of the next iPhone, expected next month.

Samsung's Lee Younghee told the Associated Press, "Well be pursuing our rights for this in a more aggressive way from now on." She accused Apple of "freeriding" on Samsung's own wireless patents.

Based on the timing, it appears Samsung's more aggressive approach is primarily the result of Apple's victory in a German court, where they successfully blocked Samsung from distributing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Although she didn't detail what Samsung's new strategy will entail, going after the new iPhone would be the obvious move. The launch of a new iPhone means strong sales for at least a month or two.

The fact that this year's launch comes so close to Christmas makes it even more important.

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3 user comments

123.9.2011 21:26

now that is a bloody great plan

Who Dare Wins

225.9.2011 21:42

Don't mess with Koreans.

326.9.2011 9:20

Good for them! Somebody needs to knock Crapple down a few pegs. Karma's a bitch! How's that cancer treating you Stevie? That's your Karma for being the lead douche of a douche company....

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