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AT&T saves customer data for 7 years

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Sep 2011 23:54 User comments (7)

AT&T saves customer data for 7 years According to the Justice Department, U.S. carriers like AT&T and Verizon retain customer data, including texts, call records, billing records and cell towers used for at least one year.
As usual, AT&T is the biggest offender, keeping your data for up to 7 years.

Greg Nojeim, senior counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, panned the carriers:
This disclosure reflects the importance of data minimization. Some companies do a much better job of disposing of sensitive, personally identifiable information. Once such information is no longer needed for business-reasons, it shouldn?t be held onto because of the risks that it could be obtained by a hacker.

Law enforcement agencies can obtain the documents via legal process but there is certainly no reason to keep records for 7 years.

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7 user comments

130.9.2011 1:18

to think that we are in a free country, yet they keep us under surveillance

Being nice always has its own consequences

230.9.2011 1:25

Freedom Is A Myth

Richard M. Morris

330.9.2011 2:30

Originally posted by vert:
Freedom Is A Myth
Agreed. It has been an illusion for some time though, we're just starting to get squeezed a little more tightly. The patriot act is an absolute coup for government intrusion. But this kind of information gathering has been going on ever since they could efficiently collect and store this kind of data.
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If your fish seems sick, put it back in the water.

430.9.2011 10:36

BIG brother is watching YOU!

530.9.2011 11:30

lol at all of you. No freedom, bla bla bla. You voluntarily use all of these technologies. For thousands of years, no one had tablets, phones, and computers. If they all went away tomorrow, I could easily build a house, water supply, power, agriculture, defense, and everything else I need just fine without them. They are a luxury item. No different than a bag of crack. Makes life more fun, but not necessary at all. Don't like it, then build your own system and get off of it. You could all use CB and landlines and be fine, but you just have to watch porn at work on your iphone and Xoom don't you!

630.9.2011 16:36

v62cobra: That comment was not only awesome and hilarious but true! I know have to wonder what caveman porn was like... drawing boobs in the dirt or using rocks as sex toys, haha!

72.10.2011 11:13

Freedom exists folks, you are all exercising it. It is justice and/or fairness that is the "white buffalo". "Justice" doesn't exist & to say otherwise or even debate it is childish. I.e., the spider eats the fly, it's not fair to the fly. The fox eats the mouse, it's not fair to the mouse & so on.

It's a human concept. Although, a similar concept 'may' be seen to be practiced in higher primates, we humans are the only ones that flagellate ourselves into a fervor thinking that fairness will become universal. Even our court system touts fairness & justice, but we see it blatantly boofed all the time as well.

If the human race is going to invent such a thing as "justice" & then think that the cosmos is just going to take over and evolve it the rest of the way into some perfect killing machine of all things wrong with the world, well... They need to open a few history books & catch up on all the dictators & wars & umpteen hundred other atrocities caused by humans that felt they were above those guidelines.

Sitting back saying "that's not fair" doesn't cut it. What did 'you' do to change it? What did you do to level the playing field? Not that I condone it, but some of these hackers seem to think they are doing something about it. Like one of the other commentators said, I don't dance the meat puppet at the public library or at the job site. Now that I know Verizon holds my information for 7 years, I'll probably dump them & forgo cell phone service (like I really need a stress puck next to my groin anyway).

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