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Group builds hardware mockup of iPhone 5

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Oct 2011 19:43 User comments (3)

Group builds hardware mockup of iPhone 5 The creative group of fanboys at BENM.AT have built a hardware mockup of the iPhone 5 which they say has a 98 percent chance of being the real thing.
Showing off the device in the video below, the group took all the rumors, supply chain checks and leaked case designs and created the anticipated smartphone.

Their iPhone 5 is significantly thinner, has a curved design like the iPad 2, a wider form factor, and a larger screen.

Finally, the device will have a rectangular and capacitive home button that can be used for swipe gestures including logging in.

Check the video here:

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3 user comments

12.10.2011 20:44 boy

Being nice always has its own consequences

22.10.2011 21:22

What a serious waste of time.

33.10.2011 6:45

Originally posted by emugamer:
What a serious waste of time.
Watching the video might be...but the traffic they got from it was well worth the effort I am sure.

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