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Swype acquired for over $100 million

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Oct 2011 16:43 User comments (6)

Swype acquired for over $100 million Swype, the popular smartphone input technology, has been acquired today for $102.5 million by Nuance.
Nuance is the company behind the FlexT9 keyboard, software that lets users speak, trace, write or tap "Dragon dictation" and "T9 predictive text input technologies" on Android tablets and phones.

Says one analyst of the move (via Reuters):

Nuance is bulking up on the mobile front so that they can have a bigger presence on the next-generation handsets. They can't just stand by and just stick to their core competency of being a voice recognition technology player on mobile.

Swype has quickly become the most popular alternative keyboard for Android and Symbian although rivals are a plenty. TouchType Ltd's SwiftKey X Keyboard, Dasur Ltd's SlideIT Keyboard, Beansoft's Thumb Keyboard and Dexilog LLC's Smart Keyboard Pro are just a few that have gained traction in the past year.

The move is also seen as a way for Nuance to acquire significant patents and create a nicer offering to OEM handset providers.

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6 user comments

18.10.2011 0:21

I love using Swype on my phone~~~ is the fastest way to type

Being nice always has its own consequences

28.10.2011 13:13

Swype is the best! The only thing i missed from switching to iphone.

38.10.2011 16:25

A.I.type is much much better. Smart, customizable and cool. For phones and tablets. Check it out. Search for aitype in the Market.

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48.10.2011 22:18

I type faster than I swype. So I could care less about it.

510.10.2011 10:12

I just hate the fact that you are forced to use cracked versions or a stock ROM if you don't want to download the new beta every time. And on my phone, even after downloading and licensing the new version, Swype still continued to not work. So I'm just using the Android keyboard now, and will find another Swype-ish program for my drunk texting needs. Screw them, it's been in beta forever and should already be on the market, it just makes me mad instead of making typing easier.

~*Livin' Electronicallly*~

612.10.2011 6:09

swype doesnt work at all

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