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Kodak licenses some patents to IMAX

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Oct 2011 1:59 User comments (3)

Kodak licenses some patents to IMAX Kodak has confirmed today that the company has licensed some of its vast patent portfolio to IMAX, in an effort to stave off bankruptcy and stay viable.
IMAX will license 100 patents related to laser-projection technology used in giant-screen movie theaters.

The deal is not huge, however, with only $50 million in upfront fees and royalties into the future.

Says IMAX (via NYT):

This Kodak intellectual property is truly cutting edge, and will be used by IMAX?s esteemed technology group to enhance the cinematic experience for consumers, enable the application of digital technology in our larger and institutional theatres, and make being in business with IMAX even easier and more profitable.

Kodak hopes to sell 1100 patents, and soon, as the company struggles despite sitting on a patent portfolio worth over $2 billion. Kodak has not posted one profitable quarter since 2004.

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3 user comments

117.10.2011 8:46

I blame the pirates. Isn't that the only reason companies ever lose money?

224.10.2011 19:44

I hope that Kodak survives this.

Ive always liked their products; they tend to last a long time, and were fun to have, especially their cameras.

325.10.2011 13:32

kodak mised the boat waited to long to get into theatre technology they would have kicked butt with 3D hardware and related home electronics they should have also fought to keep film alive but they rather stay behind the times poor management i would guess.

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