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Gazelle: BlackBerry trade-ins are at all-time high

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Oct 2011 15:07 User comments (2)

Gazelle: BlackBerry trade-ins are at all-time high Gazelle, a site to trade-in your electronics for cash with free shipping, has said this week that BlackBerry trade-ins are at all-time highs, even jumping as high as 80 percent the week the iPhone 4S was released.
To a much lesser degree, Android and iPhone 3GS, 4 trade-ins saw spikes, as well.

Additionally, RIM's recent network issues, in which users lost emails and instant messages for almost 48 hours, helped cause the mass exodus from the struggling smartphone maker.

For an example of what Gazelle does, you head to the site, input the product you are looking to trade-in, post if there are any functional or cosmetic issues and then the site gives you a buy back price. If you accept the price, you send in the device with a provided label and are credited the money.

Older BlackBerrys like the Bold 9000 trade-in for under $40 while the new Bold 9900 can net you back $300.

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2 user comments

129.10.2011 17:39

new Bold 9900 can net you back $300.
Should RIM keep going down the path they made, than it's highly unlikely that buy back $ will stay at $300 no matter how new the phone is. Demand is what sets the price over all, so any consumers tired of their black berry may as well take advantage of this sooner rather than later. *Unless by some miracle RIM can turn this around; not impossible mind*

229.10.2011 21:04

yea i sold my daughters old blackberry 9300, about a month ago on ebay, got $157.00 for it. got out while the gettin is good.

as for me, i will always be a loyal android user.

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