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2011 Blu-ray sales to dwarf 2010 says analyst

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 07 Dec 2011 4:35 User comments (10)

2011 Blu-ray sales to dwarf 2010 says analyst

While most of the hype in the video world continues to revolve around the ever expanding world of streaming, Blu-ray continues to gain in popularity.
Despite a poor start to the year, it looks like Blu-ray sales in the US, Europe, and worldwide are poised to grow significantly for the year as a whole.

A report from Home Media Magazine, citing industry analyst Jim Bottoms of Futuresource, says 2011 sales of Blu-ray discs will outperform last year by 35%, while European sales will be up more than 40%. Worldwide he is predicting sales of 234 million units, a 45% increase over 2010.

Bottoms lists a number of factors in Blu-ray's recent success. In Europe, he says, German Blu-ray adoption is probably the biggest factor. But worldwide he says it is more about the gradual phasing out of DVD players in favor of Blu-ray by consumer electronics manufacturers.

"We?re getting to the price point now where CE manufacturers won?t make a DVD player and a Blu-ray player," Bottoms said. "There?s no point in having double inventory."

Despite this success, there is no reason to believe Blu-ray will ever be able to duplicate the success of DVD, which benefitted from unprecedented availability of catalog titles and TV content, a quantum leap in quality compared to VHS, as well as a span of decades between the introduction of VHS and DVD.

However, it's fair to say the reports of physical media's demise have been greatly exxagerated. While there is certainly room for services like Netflix and Hulu, for some content there is simply no substitute for ownership in the minds of consumers.

The additional capabilities of Blu-ray players to accept alternate media like USB drives and even stream video from both local and Internet sources seem to make it a reasonably good transition technology between the optical disc and whatever comes next.

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10 user comments

17.12.2011 04:49

I blame the pirates...everyone knows that piracy leads to sales. We need less piracy so those bastards at the MPAA get less funding from sales.

27.12.2011 08:17

How about dropping the price for a disk. It may be a great incentive for upgrading from DVD's.

Don't want to hear anything about streaming please. I like the idea of having a physical optical disk.

37.12.2011 08:50

Well of course Blu-ray movies will keep picking up sales it's the media of the future, unless we go back to non HD TV's. The only way they will get more sales is to keep bringing prices of movies and BD players down. That is one big reason that DVDs still sell so much, you can buy them for practically nothing now. When people see a DVD selling for $5 or less and the Blu-ray of the exact same movie is priced at $15 and up, that would change quite a few peoples minds on adopting Blu-ray or even buying movies on Blu-ray. They can force people to buy a BD player by not making a DVD player anymore, but you can't force people to buy there movies on Blu-ray format.

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47.12.2011 09:58

in other news.. Pope Catholic!!

57.12.2011 10:34

"They can force people to buy a BD player by not making a DVD player anymore, but you can't force people to buy there movies on Blu-ray format."

Downward compatibility is a major selling point for a Blu-ray upgrade. It would be foolish to remove the ability to view DVD's especially for people with a large DVD library. Then again you never know, most marketing people are thinking Duckets not about the consumer.

67.12.2011 10:35

"in other news.. Pope Catholic!!"

Irish whiskey is a killer. ;)

77.12.2011 12:39

With more people getting HDTVs and learning more about tech through the smartphone industry, it could happen. But I don't think bluray is the future. There now selling these players for 49.99 bucks and cheaper. I think Digital Media will win out in the end. Maybe not soon but in the distant future it will. Blockbuster feels it. People rather buy their content at their convenience and at home than going there to purchase a disc.

87.12.2011 13:39

I will most likely never own a Blu-ray player or disk. Ever.
That technological ship has sailed.

I have stacks and stacks of DVD disks, piled up and useless. All have been converted and are available in a convenient manner and that means that if I never own another disk of any type again, it will be too soon.

97.12.2011 15:00

Digital will happen when you can still retain all the quality a Blu-ray offers. I think it will be a long time before we get there. We will need a lot of HDD space, if you are a movie collector, BD movies are up to 45gb in size it is huge and HDD's are still expensive. I have been ripping my BD collection to HDD's and can fit about 84 movies on a 2TB HDD. Now that is just the main movie track with the Dolby True HD or DTS HD audio track in an MKV file. I would only be able to get maybe half that if I ripped the whole BD to an ISO. We also need extremely fast internet speeds to be able to download a whole movie in a decent amount of time. While we are getting faster speeds all the time it's only offered in places with huge populations due to expense, and even then ISPs are putting data caps on there internet limiting downloading and uploading usage. So until the cap is removed and internet speed is blazingly fast almost every where, I can't see digital taking over any time soon.

1012.12.2011 11:25

Bestbuy is offering $5 towards select BR movies when you trade in ANY dvd. You would be hard pressed to get more than $5 for a used dvd these days.

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