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IBM reveals their annual '5 in 5' predicitions

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Dec 2011 14:40 User comments (5)

IBM reveals their annual '5 in 5' predicitions As part of their annual '5 in 5' predictions, IBM says mind reading is coming sooner than you think.
The list is the company's way to predict 5 pieces of technology or services that will emerge five years into the future. The list also helps keep IBM focused on its "Smarter Planet" initiatives.

Here is this year's list:
Mind reading is no longer science fiction.
You will be able to power your home with the energy you create yourself.
You will never need a password again.
The digital divide will cease to exist.
Junk mail will become priority mail.

When speaking about mind reading, IBM doesn't mean getting to look at someone else and immediately hear what they are thinking. What they mean is your brain could be synced to portable devices. IBM explains: "If you just need to think about calling someone, it happens. Or you can control the cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about where you want to move it. Scientists in the field of bioinformatics have designed headsets with advanced sensors to read electrical brain activity that can recognize facial expressions, excitement and concentration levels, and thoughts of a person without them physically taking any actions."

Don't take it from me, however, here is the list with full explanations from IBM: Science fiction becomes reality. Worlds collide. The future is now...or within five years, at least.

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5 user comments

119.12.2011 20:07


220.12.2011 3:02

How long until I can blow s**t up with my eyes???

320.12.2011 4:06

mind reading could be good but could be bad.people when stressed,angry,emotional,anxious dont think clearly and logically.

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420.12.2011 6:13

The 2006 predictions were not exactly stellar...

The first was that we would have remote healthcare access, that we would be able to do video check-ins with doctors, and that we would have electronic health least half a FAIL.

The second is that we would have 3D internet; the internet would be like a virtual world where all websites appeared like store fronts...FAIL.

The third is that we would have context-aware mobile phones. While there are some apps that are semi-aware, they rarely work and use so much battery power that they are practically useless. On top of that, they generally miss what you are looking for any direct you to some far away store that paid to be featured and does not have what you want...FAIL.

The fourth is that we would have real-time speech FAIL; even text to text translations are still downright useless.

The fifth is that we would have nanotechnology improving water quality and solar power...we do now have nano solar panels, but they cost more than the old designs...and the nanobots for water purification still don't exist...half fail.

So, 5 years later and two of their predictions came true half-way.

521.12.2011 4:44

IBM should make that 5 in 50.

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