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Redbox does not renew wholesale deal with Warner

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 01 Feb 2012 9:10 User comments (12)

Redbox does not renew wholesale deal with Warner Redbox has let its current wholesale deal with Warner Bros. expire as the two companies fight over the now standard "delay window" on new releases.
In the current deal, in exchange for drastically reduced prices, Redbox would have to wait 28 days after release to make new titles available for rent. Warner, in its new deal, wanted to up the delay window to 56 days, outraging rental companies and consumers alike.

Now, Redbox will have to purchase the titles from retailers at a much higher price, but they are free to offer the movies on day one.

Redbox senior vice president of marketing Gary Cohen would only comment to say it "will work to provide Warner Bros.' movies through alternate means."

Warner shot back: "The consumer is best served by a windowing and pricing structure that ensures a healthy film business continuing to deliver quality movies. We hope to continue discussions with Redbox and reach a mutually agreed upon solution to this situation, but we fully intend to do what is best for our business, our consumers and the industry as a whole."

Rival Netflix agreed to the 56-day window, but Blockbuster did not.

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12 user comments

11.2.2012 21:20

If you want to do what's best for the consumer, stop making crappy movies starring overpaid morons.

21.2.2012 21:24

And quit trying to force them to buy the discs by imposing bullshit restrictions on the rental industry.

31.2.2012 21:31

Cheers to RedBox, and Boo to Netflix again. Warner Bros. and all the rest better get their prices in line with the economy. Most of the movies they make are crap, and the few good ones they have, people buy anyway. I subscribe to Blockbuster - store 1 block from my house; LOVE them, get all the movies I want and swap them out at the store. Blockbuster isn't going along with their pricing/releasing either. Makes me support them more.

42.2.2012 00:33

Take me back to the gold ol black and white days where budgets were CHEAP as hell, movie showings in return were cheap as hell, and owning it afterwards was cheap as hell.

Oh sure back when WB and other studios were still milking it out for our $ but not even near as close as milking it in today's times.

52.2.2012 12:28

Just going to make more people d/l the lousy movie and WB will lose their shirt some more. Good for redbox.

62.2.2012 14:08

So netflix cant even send out the DVD for 56 days? That's a long damn time. Good thing movies now suck or people might actually care. I have Netflix but I usually only watch documentaries through streaming.

73.2.2012 09:54

Go Redbox! Stickin it to da man! Do what is right for the consumers and you will win in the end guaranteed!

83.2.2012 10:30

Go Redbox! I am a subscriber to Netflix but don't like some of their policy shifts in the last couple years. But, I've always liked Redbox's attitude of protect the user and the hell with the studios! The only problem that I have with Redbox is I have to go get the movie. Netflix sends it to me but the problem there is I have to wait an unGodly amount of time to get it from Netflix with their built in delay plus low quanities available. I'm so damn tired of "Very Long Wait" for the latest movies. I've had to wait 2 or 3 months to get a recent movie. That's ridiculous! Netflix is losing their shine, for sure!

I used to buy movies but have stopped that practice due to the costs of new ones. I insist on Blu-ray quality but they (studios) have priced themselves too high for me to buy anymore. Now, I resort to streaming when I can get a reasonably new movie and renting from Netflix for the others.

94.2.2012 00:49

HAHAHAHA... Netflix agree but BB did not... way to go BB and RB... at least they care about their customers unlike Netflix cares about nothing but money...

104.2.2012 05:52

this lets me laugh a lot here is why.

1. you are mad about people pirating your movies warner but if you don't release them to red box in a timely fashion they are going to pirate it anyways and tell you go to heck.

2. on ton of that the only good warner film that they have bother to make recently was harry potter after that who cares about your company.

115.2.2012 00:35

Don't ever ask your audience what they want... Oh hell no. That's like going to a 5 star restaurant & they just throwing your food onto the table or taking your food away before your finished.

It's almost as bad as the health sector with the doctors not listening to patients. Damnit, I'm the one living in this broken body, I sure as hell should know what's going wrong with it!

It's obvious to the rest of us that the movie house aren't selling more movies prior to rentals or TV showings, so cut the bullshit. Why is it the supposed 'simpletons' know what's going on & the almighty, super educated 'insiders' are playing colonoscopy again?

Come on already... That's 2 out of 3 major rental houses saying "kiss our ass" already. Folks are getting tired of it.

125.2.2012 08:18

It really makes me wonder about the idiots running these studios; talk about biting the hand that feeds you. They didn't get enough results from the 28 day rental window so they double it? The sad thing is Netflix seems perfectly willing to follow these studios right into oblivion. Then again maybe that's exactly what the studios want. Less choice.

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