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Redbox buys up its biggest kiosk competitor

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 06 Feb 2012 9:54 User comments (10)

Redbox buys up its biggest kiosk competitor Coinstar, the parent company of Redbox, has agreed to purchase the assets of NCR Corporation for $100 million.
NCR is the company behind the Blockbuster Express kiosks, Redbox's main rival in the business. The purchase wil bring Coinstar "DVD kiosks, certain retailer contracts, and DVD inventory from NCR's entertainment line of business."

Additionally, the two companies will "enter into a strategic supplier arrangement where Coinstar will purchase product and services from NCR" in the future.

Says Redbox president Scott Di Valerio: "We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with NCR. As the global self-service solutions leader, NCR has strong technology, manufacturing and servicing capabilities, and we look forward to leveraging their expertise as Coinstar continues to grow its core automated retail businesses and expands its offerings."

Adds NCR: "Through this agreement with Redbox, NCR will be better positioned to focus on expanding our business in our targeted industries. Additionally, this transaction affords us the opportunity to develop a long-term strategic relationship with Coinstar and partner on delivering new and innovative solutions to the market."

Redbox currently has 35,000 kiosks across the U.S.

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10 user comments

16.2.2012 22:07


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27.2.2012 00:13

there was very little money to be made for NCR since they licensed the blockbuster name anyways.

"Cable thief is a victimless crime."

37.2.2012 09:22

I smell antitrust...

47.2.2012 09:25

My dad used to work for NCR when it was AT&T's computer division. Interesting on how the ball bounces....NCR's unofficial motto was "Never Can Retire".

57.2.2012 11:11

A cash register company who has/had dealings with Blaockbuster is now dealing with Redbox... But they also make mention of Coinstar. Why? Other than to make a fact that all the devices are in the vending market.

I make mention of this as it used to be a huge source of organized crime back in the 50s & 60s. Not that I'm inferencing that any of these companies have mob ties or are into breaking legs. But KB started it with the 'antitrust' thing...

67.2.2012 14:17

"Why mention Coinstar?" because they are the parent company of Redbox, who offered the $100 Mil. If a person in the stockmarket is ever interested in the performance of Redbox, they would look into Coinstar for that information.

77.2.2012 17:22

NCR makes/made P.O.S. systems for restaurants. Why mention NCR.......the public simply knows them only as Blockbuster kiosks.

Short lived life for that loser venture. R.I.P. BB

I would however LOVE to buy up a franchise of Redbox and own a half dozen of those things.

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88.2.2012 12:15

NCR... National Cash Register...

They make ALL/most of the cash registers that we use to hold & pay out moneys at stores & restaurants. Even the card swipe machines for our credit cards. Much less the POS kiosk machines that the other folks were talking about.

I thought I had a PDF file, but it was crap...

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913.2.2012 12:18

Maybe they could have a little store that had more DVDs that you could rent for a day or......nevermind.

1012.9.2012 12:06
Unverified new user

The RedBox and Coinstar juggernaut gets bigger and bigger. I honestly never believed these two business models could be as huge as they are now, but they continue to grow.

Im in the asset management industry, so I personally know that their IT asset management operations play a big roll in their ability to manage and track inventories, machines, and activity. Very interesting to see how these operations are affected by this new acquisition.

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