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The top business system password is 'Password1'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Mar 2012 1:15 User comments (7)

The top business system password is 'Password1' According to a new report, the top password used on business systems is the easily hacked "Password1."
Although the password satisfies the rules needed for most systems (one upper case, one lower case and a number), the password is still quite obviously not secure.

Security firm Trustwave cited the password in its new "2012 Global Security Report," a report which concludes on the firm's "findings from nearly 2 million network vulnerability scans and 300 recent security breach investigations," says CNN.

Overall, 5 percent of all passwords use a variation of the word "password" and over 1 percent use the word "welcome," making them the most used.

During their routine penetration tests on their client's systems, the firm was able to crack 200,000 of the 2.5 million they tried, a shockingly high number.

Recently, Verizon made similar conclusions in their own "2012 Data Breach Investigations Report."

The scariest part of the report was that attackers often remained in victim's networks for months at a time without being detected. Only 18 percent of victims discovered the attacks within a week.

Word of advice? Make your password longer than 8 characters and include numbers and symbols (if allowed).

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7 user comments

12.3.2012 13:55

Someone should tell Sony this

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22.3.2012 16:08

Originally posted by keebles:
Someone should tell Sony this
Hell, I would be a little more creative with something like, "passwd2" from Unix.
Just kidding... Just plain laziness and stupidity.


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32.3.2012 18:05

Thats what all that big money pays for!!!LMAO

42.3.2012 19:26

Those will be default passwords.

Like the Linux master root user password is root, that is why all the distros have you enter a password now.

Same deal with the mysql database master user uses nothing for it's master password, but most mysql installs do not change this password, you have to alter it yourself after the install.

It's not what big bucks gets you... it's what the first day out of uni/college kids or the 1 guy who knows F all about computer but knows the most out of everyone else in the workplace, do to "setup" IT networks, gets you.

53.3.2012 1:45

Man... I am glad I made mine Password2.. They will never guess that.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

64.3.2012 4:08

4RSE im going to have to change my logins now.

Really who would put a system connected to the net with such a week password, personally i use looong passwords and login2fail when ever possible. Brute force away .. ban ban ban.

Makes for interesting reading going through logs tho and looking where most of the attacks are going from..!

Any Guess to which country is the most prolific !?!

74.3.2012 23:29

i use Sentences For my passwords, and in piss poor spelling too its great.

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