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Samsung and Apple CEOs ordered to meet

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 17 Apr 2012 9:54 User comments (6)

Samsung and Apple CEOs ordered to meet

A federal judge has ruled today that Apple and Samsung's CEOs must meet in a mandatory mediation session to try to settle their handful of smartphone patent disputes.
Judge Lucy Koh gave the execs 90 days to meet in a conference with Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero. Apple's CEO is Tim Cook and Samsung's is Gee-Sung Choi.

Reads the order: "As the parties have indicated in their joint statement, the chief executive officer and general counsel of Apple and the chief executive officer and general counsel of Samsung shall appear and participate."

Apple first sued Samsung early last year over the Galaxy line of tablets and phones, and Samsung quickly counter-sued over patents used in the iPhone.

The current battle between the two giants is just one of the many out there between web-connected device makers. Microsoft is currently embroiled in cases against HTC, Barnes & Noble and others, while Apple is also in cases against Motorola and others. Google is facing a billion dollar lawsuit from Oracle over Android patents, in a trial that just recently got underway.

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6 user comments

118.4.2012 04:12
Unverified new user

When two elephants are fighting, only the grass suffers!

218.4.2012 04:22

should i keep an eye out on youtube for 2 guys in suits fighting?????

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318.4.2012 11:11

Snot nosed children fighting over toys in a sandbox... Problem is most of these children wear suits that cost more than our rent for a year.

418.4.2012 12:00

Interesting turn of events, with a woman judge, i can't help but think she is being a little optimistic they can sit down and talk. I bet she will even have the court provide milk and cookies for the kids just not sure if the entertainment... Barney?

518.4.2012 22:21

Be friends and play nice.....LMAO

618.4.2012 22:40

Better watch it them Koreans know Taekwondo.

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