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Kindle Fire is now over 50 percent of all Android tablets

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Apr 2012 8:21

Kindle Fire is now over 50 percent of all Android tablets According to the latest data by comScore, the Amazon Kindle Fire now accounts for 54 percent of all Android tablets.
The data is accurate as of the end of February, and the Kindle is far above the next closest Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy line (with multiple devices) which came in at 15 percent.

Amazon takes about a $10 loss on all Kindle Fire sold, but it is clear that there is a significant demand for low-priced alternatives to the Apple iPad. Amazon is willing to take the loss as they expect to make up the difference (and then some) through content sales via their vast ecosystem of music, movies, apps, ebooks and cloud storage.

Additionally, the name "Kindle" brings significant loyalty and recognition, just like the iPad.

Amazon's time on top could be cut short in 2012, however, as Google is expected to release their "vanilla" Nexus Tablet in June, at a price that undercuts even the $199 Kindle Fire pricetag while bringing top features like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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