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Torrent sites, Vimeo blocked in India

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 May 2012 13:55 User comments (9)

Torrent sites, Vimeo blocked in India Although the government has not confirmed the move, news out of India is that there has been a massive blocking of torrent and other video-sharing sites.
Sites like The Pirate Bay, KickAssTorrents, BitSnoop and Vimeo have allegedly all been blocked from access in the nation. ISPs, "as per instructions from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)," have banned access and users will be met with a screen that says something to that effect.

While the ban on the Pirate Bay is certainly not the first in the site's infamous history, Vimeo being blocked has shocked some residents. The site is one of the popular video-sharing sites in the world, and is a hub for amateur filmmakers to share their new work.

The site is much more similar to YouTube than it is to The Pirate Bay, although YouTube is still standing block-free.

It also appears that some ISPs are still letting customers access the sites, but Reliance Communications and Zylog Wi5 are certainly not.

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9 user comments

18.5.2012 7:33

Nope. They're all working! Hopefully they will remain that way...
Please sign and share this petition among your colleagues..
MPs of India: Support the Annulment Motion to Protect Internet Freedom #stopitrules


28.5.2012 8:46

edit your sig to conform to forum specs ASAP.

38.5.2012 9:21

Originally posted by ddp:
edit your sig to conform to forum specs ASAP.
eh? This is the edited one after last warning...I will just remove it when I get home.


48.5.2012 14:25
Unverified new user

You could always go to the

512.5.2012 13:56
Unverified new user

pirate bay aint working!

616.5.2012 3:33

Originally posted by satire1234:
pirate bay aint working!
You can use to download anonymously

717.5.2012 20:02
Unverified new user

Originally posted by Jakeferndo:
You could always go to the
God!! that was hillarious!! :) thanks man

818.5.2012 20:41

Pity they can't block those calls from India where 'Kevin' and 'Mary' offer to clean my ducts for a special price.

97.6.2012 2:28
Unverified new user

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