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Android Jelly Bean to no longer support Flash

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Jun 2012 10:23 User comments (9)

Android Jelly Bean to no longer support Flash The end of Flash on smartphones is upon us.
Adobe has confirmed today that there were will be no "certified implementations" of Flash for the upcoming Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The company hasn't even been developing and testing Flash for the OS effectively putting an end to the era of Flash on Android.

Google removed Flash support from their Chrome browser, and Chrome recently came out of beta, soon to become the default browser for Android phones.

After August 15th, Flash won't even be available in the Google Play Store, meaning if you want it you will have to find the APK online and install it manually, or download it now.

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9 user comments

129.6.2012 11:18

Why are so many companies ditching flash support now? :(

Due to copyright issues I am sorry to say I am no longer Batman : (

229.6.2012 13:03

Adobe dropped support for flash on phones, because they couldn't get a license agreement to implement support for the Iphone. HTML5 is going to become the new standard. HTML5 also uses less bandwidth than flash.

329.6.2012 17:12

bring on html5!

429.6.2012 17:26

Because Flash is inefficient and bloated, which is especially not good for battery-operated devices.

530.6.2012 08:35

Companies need to start trying hard to get html5 pushed out the door now, flash and adobe are just inconsistent always slow with their updates and always have holes and flaws in them and its glitchy and power hungry. I switched over to jobs side now, time for a change.

630.6.2012 21:10

Remember when all the anti-iPhone people were like "Android is better because it can run Flash"?

730.6.2012 21:42

it's not a problem with android.. it's a problem with adobe and their bloatware and restrictive licenses..

flash exists and is fine on android 4.1 ice cream sandwich, but of course thats far more "community" oriented.. the annoying thing is swapping "internal" and "external" sd locations in the specs between 3.x and 4.x .. so.. everybody get rooting..

I welcome the end of flash too.. horrid proprietary garbage.. death to proprietary software on websites!!!

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ARR! Them pesky Navy! Get out of my sea!

81.7.2012 13:10

Android's support of Flash was "superior", simply because there were large portions of the net that were otherwise inaccessible, or at least unusable. That has not, in fact, changed yet, although there is some progress.

Simply declaring something "obsolete", point of fact, doesn't make it de facto true, no matter how essentially true it is. Is anybody actually imagining companies, in general, as being somehow quick or flexible, when adopting this change..? I'd say the current state of Flash vs. HTML5 on the net is a perfect illustration of how it always goes. Remember IE6?

So, while I certainly won't mourn Flash, I still appreciate having support for it on my 3vo. There's lots of silly games and videos I wouldn't have been able to fool around with otherwise.

98.7.2012 13:20

Originally posted by xnonsuchx:
Because Flash is inefficient and bloated, which is especially not good for battery-operated devices.

Steve Jobs was right again.

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