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Microsoft planning Xbox music service to rival iTunes?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jun 2012 20:08 User comments (8)

Microsoft planning Xbox music service to rival iTunes? According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is looking to unveil a large Xbox music service that will include Spotify-esque streaming and a la carte downloads.
Additionally, the service will have cloud storage functionality similar to that of iTunes and Google Music. The streaming service will cost a certain price per month, or per year, that remains unclear.

Microsoft is in negotiations with the major record labels and indies for the licensing rights, and expect to close the deals and launch the service before the end of the year.

All former Zune Music users will be migrated to the new Xbox Music service, say the sources.

Microsoft has been busy this month, introducing their own branded tablet and showing off updated to the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

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8 user comments

128.6.2012 20:32

They should have been doing this years ago. I'm sure the zune would still be a contender on the market if they would have put the same effort into supporting it along with the zune music service.

228.6.2012 23:46

Oh Microsoft what will abandon next?

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329.6.2012 1:03

I wonder if theyll throw money at the music companies to entertain this idea.

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429.6.2012 9:10

From what the article is saying, it appears they already are =p .

530.6.2012 2:45

And how many attempts is this where MS tries to knock ITunes off it's 1st place pedestal??????

Just give up MS. Too many sheeple already have that lousy, invasive program for you to dethrone.

Me.....? and voila! Any song I want. Won't pay. Artists don't make significant money on album sales. It's made on touring and charging 35 bucks for t-shirts that they got for .75 cents. Plain and simple.

69.7.2012 9:31

Microsoft doesn't have any original ideas. This will die like the Zune.

79.7.2012 9:31

Microsoft doesn't have any original ideas. This will die like the Zune.

89.7.2012 9:59

It must be nice to have money to waste and just throw around.

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