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Samsung Galaxy S III now available through AT&T

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 07 Jul 2012 12:13 User comments (2)

Samsung Galaxy S III now available through AT&T AT&T has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S III is available via the carrier, after over a week of delays.
Says the company: "Thousands of customers, who just couldn't wait, have already preordered it and have the device in hand. The reviews are fantastic and now it will be available for same day purchase in AT&T company-owned retail stores and online with overnight shipping starting July 6.

We know our customers already love the Galaxy S III and we're thrilled that you will now be able to walk out of the store with the device in hand, ready to experience all the fabulous features and start sharing it with their friends."

The new flagship has seen such high demand that it has been delayed on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Read our review of the AT&T version of the phone here: Review: Is Samsung's Galaxy S III worth all the hype?

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2 user comments

17.7.2012 00:34

Got mine today. I do really like it so far, it's a great device. I'm a bit irked though... it's supposed to have a 16GB internal SD and only 11.5 gigs are available? I could understand 14... maybe even 13, but 11.5? That's a little rough.

Otherwise, so far, so good!

28.7.2012 13:37

Glad you like it. I just bought an Atrix 2 from eBay because my old Torch 9800 was so lousy. I'm holding off to see:
1-FF OS is a hit
2-BB10 actually works better then all previous models
3- Get the SG-III at a lower price on eBay w/o contract.

:-0 it is a sweet phone, spec wise glad my wife is NOT a geek she lover's her Skyrocket! heh...

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