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Is this the new PS3 model?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 13 Jul 2012 9:39 User comments (17)

Is this the new PS3 model? Last week, we reported that a recent filing by Sony with the FCC showed off the upcoming launch of a new model(s) of the PS3.
The CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C appear to be somewhat slimmer than previous models and will include new internal components.

Today, leaked pictures from the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications seem to show off the new console.

In the pictures, the PS3 has a ridged texture and a top-loading drive, removing the more expensive slot-loading drive.

The site also states that the three models will have 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB of storage. The 16GB version will compete against the 4GB Xbox 360 and may retail for as cheap as $150.

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17 user comments

114.7.2012 01:19

One of the ugliest pieces of technology I have seen in a while. And yo, how many versions of one console do we need...?

214.7.2012 01:53

They can keep all of their game consoles.Once in a while I play the Wii for the exercise.

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314.7.2012 04:55

I didn't know Sony was making a grill that's suppose to resemble a PS3? I see it has internet connectivity, that must be so you don't hack or modify the grill or Sony will burn your house down, it will all be in there ToS. I hope they don't take the feature of grilling a hotdog away.

414.7.2012 05:40

Yuck, the PS3 has never been much of a looker but the current slim looks miles better (& so did the original).

514.7.2012 06:34

I agree, this PS3 is ugly as heck... I like the current version a lot more.

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614.7.2012 11:14

Granted, I'm not fond of the look either. But if the price is going to be that cheap, or cheaper, it would be worth it to me to get a second console just for media server purposes.

714.7.2012 16:44

Originally posted by baxter00:
Granted, I'm not fond of the look either. But if the price is going to be that cheap, or cheaper, it would be worth it to me to get a second console just for media server purposes.
It could have been a great media player. But Sony really messed up and so did Microsoft, both consoles could very well play just about any file format. They however are very limited in what files they can play. You would be better off getting an Android set top box and use XBMC, unless you want to use the PS3's Blu-ray player as well.

814.7.2012 16:56

hate the look of the top

914.7.2012 17:02

I guess you can also use the top of it in the kitchen as a potato grater.

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1014.7.2012 18:09

Sooooo,oooooo doctored.

My educated guess is there isn't any PS3 in the "visible" works yet. Only Sony will know anything at this point.

1115.7.2012 11:16

Those ridges remind me of the Atari 2600.

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1217.7.2012 11:41

Sony does this every gaming generation. How else are they to ensure that their hardware numbers increase? By re-releasing their current generation systems as updated, redesigned? Marketing scam for the stock holders pockets.

1317.7.2012 11:54

It's probably an empty case with nothing inside it.

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1417.7.2012 11:56

the top loading is interesting, less moving parts!!


1520.7.2012 15:31

Whassup SONY! you can do better.

1625.7.2012 16:40

How about working on the PS4 and making it reverse compatible? How about fixing some network glitches?

1726.7.2012 08:08

hope that isnt the new ps3.its ugly i prefer the looks of small slim dvd players with a glossy finish.even something similar to the style of the slim ps2 would be better.

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