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Sony shows off Android 4.0 'Walkman' media player

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Jul 2012 11:30 User comments (12)

Sony shows off Android 4.0 'Walkman' media player Although it seemed like the Walkman brand name had finally been put to sleep permanently, Sony has brought it back.
The Sony F800 Walkman will be the first Sony media player to ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sony's latest has a 3.5-inch touchscreen and runs on a dual-core Nvidia processor. The device will be available in 16GB or 32GB flavors.

F800 buyers will have access to a number of pre-installed apps, including Sony-built media gallery and email apps. Users will have access to the Google Play Store, as well.

Furthermore, the device has built-in Bluetooth, S-Master MX Digital Amplifier and the five Clear Audio technologies.

The 16GB F800 will sell for an expensive $269.99 and the 32GB for $299.99.

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12 user comments

119.7.2012 00:00

Too expensive.

Unless the sound quality maybe rivals my older Cowon S9, but I doubt it.

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219.7.2012 02:08

all is well..............

319.7.2012 02:10

I LOVE ANDROID...........

419.7.2012 02:14


519.7.2012 05:18

wow! its amazing. Playing music with android os, love it..
its perfect to include in geek gifts and surprise them

619.7.2012 06:48

I already have a 32gb Android MP3 player with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It called a phone and it was a hell of alot cheaper than that. Before anyone says you still have a monthly bill you dont have to. I got one of my kids and old droid with no service to use as an Mp3 player and it works just fine. You can even shut down the radio so its not using up unnecessary battery life.

719.7.2012 08:37

True, I bought an LG Chocolate Touch (VX8575) from ebay for $15 and it is an awesome mp3 player. Plus, the sound quality of the LG, which has built in Dolby Mobile, is far better than my $200 ipod.

819.7.2012 12:50

What is the deal? Is Sony losing money somewhere, or do they think the "new"er PS3 is going to fail that badly?

920.7.2012 07:32

Why would anyone who has a modern smartphone pay $270-300 for this?

1020.7.2012 15:40

Originally posted by Morreale:
Too expensive.

Unless the sound quality maybe rivals my older Cowon S9, but I doubt it.
Xpensive? how much?

1120.7.2012 16:13

What were they thinking?

1224.7.2012 01:08

why not cater to the market who want players with large amounts of storage? 128GB in something like this and I would be all over it. As it stands i can just use my phone.

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