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Windows 8 confirmed for October 26th

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Jul 2012 8:28 User comments (5)

Windows 8 confirmed for October 26th Microsoft has confirmed the exact release date for Windows 8.
The upcoming operating system will be available October 26th, making clear the time frame that was formerly just "late October."

Microsoft called "Metro," the key new feature of Windows 8, the most important interface redesign in over a decade.

Metro is built for touchscreen devices, and Microsoft is releasing its standard desktop OS along with two tablet version, Windows RT for ARM devices and Windows 8 Pro for Intel/AMD.

The company revealed its own tablet, the Surface, last month, to much acclaim.

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5 user comments

118.7.2012 23:07

I'm all excited and can hardly wait.Not!

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219.7.2012 02:15

Can't wait to torrent a copy...NOT!

320.7.2012 07:23

I just soiled myself with excitement.
Until I remember how much windows sux, and this 1 will probably suck also!

"Trying is the first step towards Failure" Homer.J.Simpson

420.7.2012 10:44

It's Vista all over again! The Metro interface requires an extra mouse click to get to the actual desktop to select your existing apps. In a days time all of the extra mouse clicks add up. IMO Microsoft would have fared better adding enhancements to Windows 7 instead of releasing Windows 8.

522.7.2012 04:45
Atul Paswan
Unverified new user

windows 8 really sucks,nobody will want to learn a new interface that is quite clumsy when there is a old much better interface already available. so stick to windows 7

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