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Galaxy Note 2 to have flexible AMOLED?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2012 12:02 User comments (7)

Galaxy Note 2 to have flexible AMOLED? Although it is widely expected to launch in the next couple of months, Samsung has kept details of the Galaxy Note 2 firmly under wraps.
The latest rumor, via a KoreaTimes report, is that the new smartphone will have a flexible AMOLED display, the first of its kind in an American consumer phone.

While we don't expect the phone to be completely bendable, there is a chance it will be curved in some way adding to viewing angles.

If accurate, the AMOLED will use an Unbreakable Plane (UBP) and some sort of plastic that will reduce thickness by as much as 0.4mm.

The screen will be 5.5-inches, and the device is expected to be powered by a quad-core processor.

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7 user comments

18.8.2012 16:45

Oh really.....Samsung kickin a little Apple A**!!!
Sweet Stuff Samsung keep it up....nice Turd Iphone 5 ....LOL

28.8.2012 16:54

And Apple has the gaul to say that Samsung steals there stuff ?
Apple where is your bendable screen ?

39.8.2012 18:39

...Although I agree with everyone's accolades to Samsung, as to be a thorn in the Goliath Apple's side or foot....Let's give credit where credit is due. Corning a company about 60 miles from me has been the main source of all (good) tablets and phones glass (ie: Gorilla Glass,different levels specs etc). I guess any one of the mobile/ computer hardware giants can actually license to use it in their products...just Samsung was in the right place (allegedly)so far, at the right time. The UBP glass just got introduced a month or so ago, so as it goes I am sure others wont be far behind in adding curves and multishapeable mobile and communicating devices in the near future. Just imagine the possibilities... I can even in my feeble psychotic little

49.8.2012 20:04

It sounds real cool and I can't wait to see it, but I, for the life of me cannot imagine needing/wanting a "bendable" screen.

But, can't wait to see what they do. I've been planning for a few months now that this would be my next phone.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

510.8.2012 3:51

Maybe it bounces too?

610.8.2012 7:27

maybe they'll wise up and put it out on other carriers, not just "rape me and T"

710.8.2012 7:53

Sounds cool but slightly pointless, I can't imagine it being nice to use (if it's a touchscreen), I once tried to use a blackberry with its rocker screen clicky thing and didn't like it, the fact it moved under your finger (even tho this was intentional) made it feel a bit cheap.
But the idea is good tho, LCD screens wrapping round corners could make the in home cinema kick ass!

"Trying is the first step towards Failure" Homer.J.Simpson

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