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New iPhone to be 18% thinner than 4S?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2012 12:30 User comments (9)

New iPhone to be 18% thinner than 4S? The evidence seems to be mounting that the new iPhone will be significantly thinner than the 4S that came before it.
Due to be unveiled next month, the phone will supposedly be 18 percent thinner than its predecessor even while adding 30 percent extra screen space.

Evidence comes via leaked pre-production parts of the iPhone 5, such as enclosures. The enclosure is 58.47mm wide, 123.83mm long and 7.6mm thick. The iPhone 4S is 9.3mm thick.

To move from a 3.5-inch to a 4-inch screen, the form factor had to be elongated by 8.63mm. Additionally, the headphone jack has been moved, and Apple has moved to an 8-pin dock connector, compared to the current 30-pin seen on all iOS devices.

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9 user comments

18.8.2012 22:09

Yeah that's just wonderful.Now you have to buy a differnt docking station to use it.

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29.8.2012 2:25

disgusting apple shit

39.8.2012 14:00

The screen as designed seems too tall. The top left icon is already a pretty big stretch when using with one hand. And to apples credit they've used the same connector for a pretty long time on a large range of products it's time for an upgrade.

410.8.2012 3:47

That's my baby!
Come to daddy.

510.8.2012 9:04

Don't mind the new connector. The headphone jack on the bottom will be weird to me. I've always hated phones that had it on the bottom.

610.8.2012 13:20

Thinner, smaller, newer... sounds like a formula for added breakage like the rest of the Android market has been enjoying for a couple of years now.

Not to mention the after market resales of adapters & phones after you have worn out the plugs (within the phone) & the insurance refuses to replace the device, thus leaving you holding the bag to pay for a new replacement.

Just another era in fragility & markedly poor performance that Apple will explain away as people "holding & interacting" with the device incorrectly.

712.8.2012 0:34

Thinner and sucks more than the last model ... LMAO

813.8.2012 20:53

I have an Apple 4, it has served me well.
When My contract runs out next year I will be looking at the Samsung or HTC main reason being a much larger screen, So Apple will be losing another sale.

924.8.2012 10:56

I am sure many people who have bought expensive Hifi units with apple docs and who may also own an ipod are going to be just a little pissed of by the new connector. Hopefully Apple or some bright 3rd party supplier will produce an adapter.

It looks as if, although moving to a larger screen, they are not going to give user flexibility by having a choice of models/screem sizes - a strategy which in my view accounts for much of Samsungs recent success.

Still no sign of expandable memory no doubt because of apple pushing their cloud solution and hoping to sell more expensive models. They should take a rain check because there are many times when I want to use my music in places where I dont have an internet connection. Also, for many users on cheaper contracts, streaming over 3g gets expensive

I am a former iPhone fan but the lack of any moves towards changing these things make it highly unlikely that I would move back from my Galaxy S3 (thinking about the Note next year for the bigger screen) I would actually be prepared to pay more for a galaxy over the iPhone - unless they come up with something pretty damn exciting in the iPhone 5

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