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iPhone 5 to get tiny battery boost

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 11 Aug 2012 10:44 User comments (3)

iPhone 5 to get tiny battery boost According to a new report, the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will get a small boost to its battery, with an emphasis on "small."
The alleged new battery will be 1440 mAh, up from the 1432 mAh battery seen in the 4S.

With such a small boost, the phone will likely see a few more minutes of life, or possibly not if the new devices adds a 4G LTE radio and a 4-inch screen, as expected.

Additionally, however, Apple seems to have upped the voltage to 3.8V from 3.7V, with a higher watts-per-hour rating of 5.45 compared to 5.25 wHr for the 4S.

Of course, take all of this as rumor for the time being, as the battery could be an upgrade for older devices or could have been scrapped in production.

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3 user comments

112.8.2012 10:00

Since a normal Li On cell voltage is 3.6-3.7V, this sounds more like a new sticker for an old battery than anything, or perhaps they are rating the battery on what it has at full charge when still connected to the charger?

For the sake of apple fans, I hope this isn't the new iPhone battery; at least when Samsung makes a phone with a cheap battery it can be upgraded is doubtful this will be the case with the new iPhone.

212.8.2012 20:18

Apple phones usually have some of the best batteries around. My 4S smoked my old GS2 as well as my current HTC One S when I go out for the day and don't have a charger with me. The iPhone is the only one that survives the whole day. I know the Samsung devices have removable batteries but I'm not a fan of carrying around an extra battery in my pocket.

The 4S didn't increase battery life over the 4 like newer iPhone usually do over older models but as long as this new one at least matches the 4S, then I'll be good.

313.8.2012 03:14

trying using ur Android like your Iphone turn everything off... kill all widgets. Use same screen brightness. Simple

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