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WikiLeaks returns to action after DDoS attack

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Aug 2012 0:33 User comments (2)

WikiLeaks returns to action after DDoS attack returned to action today after being down for over a week due to a giant DDoS attack.
Thanks to the help of Web security company CloudFare, the site is back up, after CloudFare saw WikiLeak's plea for assistance via Twitter.

A group calling themselves 'Anti Leaks' has taken credit for that attack, which took down WikiLeak's main page and most mirror sites, as well.

Hacktivist group Anonymous took WikiLeak's side, opening up mirror sites and making Wiki available via Tor, the anonymous network. The group added: "We are now witnessing cyber wars, with most Wikileaks sites under sustained DDoS attack over several days. On one side are Wikileaks itself and its hactivist (sic) supporters, such as Anonymous. On the other side are US Govt supporters."

Anti Leaks laughed off rumors that they are a government-backed group: "We find the speculation that we are not behind these attacks and/or that we are CIA/NSA/FBI or even wikileaks themselves to be downright comical."

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114.8.2012 11:03


Tell me, would a CIA/NSA/FBI front not deny their connection, especially since this DDoS is quite illegal? Give me a break! Who else but the US government would have the resources, time, or desire to DDoS several Wikileaks URLs for that length of time, besides Stratfor? Well?! The answer is self-evident: no one.

If it wasn't a standard-acronym US agency, it was merely a standalone "offshoot" of the government (Stratfor itself, most likely), quite obviously.

The fact that Trapwire (and Stratfor) is a complete joke, as far as anyone can tell, is immaterial; their involvement in this DDoS (especially after Wikileaks previously exposed their stunning incompetence) is pretty much a given.

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214.8.2012 16:04

Is the CIA-Connected Company behind #TrapWire are the only one with the capabilities to Attack several Wikileaks URL's.
Wikileaks report & sustain a 10GB worth of DDoS attacks each second (for a week or so) which is massive.

Everything You Need to Know About TrapWire (UK, Canada & U.S.) the Government Spying Surveillance System [ #Facts ]

TrapWire > Abraxas & Ntrepid > Cubic Corporation:

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