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UltraViolet titles to get Dolby Digital Plus

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 11 Sep 2012 9:19 User comments (2)

UltraViolet titles to get Dolby Digital Plus

According to an audio specialist, the cloud-based UltraViolet service will soon get Dolby Digital Plus sound technology.
UltraViolet is a cloud-based library of your digitally-owned films, backed by the major movie studios.

RegH says "the move will see DDP added to UV's Common File Format (CFF) specification, and Dolby has a development kit available to allow content providers to add DDP audio into their UV assets."

A specific timetable has not been set, and using DDP will not be mandatory.

Already purchased UltraViolet titles will be upgraded once content providers update the actual movie files stored in the cloud.

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2 user comments

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216.9.2012 11:33

Pardon my ignorance, but shouldn't this have been pretty much a given since day one? Even if in its primitive level? Licensing or not, if the film got the 'go' for distribution to screens for it then it should fine for streaming.

I don't see it being a compression issue as most of these problems have been addressed long ago by reverse engineers, DiVX & other software engineers virtually an eon back.

Maybe I'm being simplistic, but I really feel this shouldn't have been an issue for UltraViolet. As a matter of fact, is it even an issue for any other streaming movie house?

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