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Casio unveils Android-based tablet, scanner hybrid

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Oct 2012 12:35 User comments (3)

Casio unveils Android-based tablet, scanner hybrid Casio has unveiled a new enterprise Android tablet that will also double as a scanner.
Dubbed the "Paper Writer," the tablet has a front-facing camera that faces downward, allowing it to take images of any documents placed directly in front of the device.

Built in is special software for character recognition that works with hand-written notes and uses symbols as tags for saving. As long as the paper being scanned has "reasonable contrast" to the ink, you should have no issues with scanning. Early reviews say there is a business card feature as well, although it is still buggy.

The base model will sell for $2500 in Japan in November, boasting a 10-inch screen, a low end dual-core 1.5GHz OMAP processor, a large 7000mAh battery and a rubberized case for water and shock resistance. An American and European launch is set for later in the year.

Check the video here of the tablet in action:

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3 user comments

128.10.2012 10:32

Sign me up! $2,500 is a steal!

N O T.

228.10.2012 13:08



328.10.2012 14:17

Well... It was absolutely the coolest thing I've seen until I saw the price tag...

When I pulled to someone said I read the price, stiffened, squealed like a little girl, farted & immediately passed out. Not very dignified actions for a veteran I would say...

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