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Google employee loses Nexus 4 at bar

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Oct 2012 11:26 User comments (3)

Google employee loses Nexus 4 at bar Following in the footsteps of Apple, it appears a Google employee has lost a prototype of the upcoming LG Nexus 4 at a San Francisco bar.
Back in 2010, a prototype iPhone 4 was left at a bar and was later purchased by a Gizmodo editor, who revealed it to the world months before its highly-anticipated official unveiling.

According to Wired, a bartender at the 500 Club in San Francisco, Jamin Barton, found the unclaimed smartphone in September, with the Google branding and a sticker that read "not for sale."

Barton gave the phone to a friend who contacted Google in an effort to return it. The next day, the friend told Barton that he had been threatened by Google, and that the search giant's Global Investigations & Intelligence Manager, Brian Katz, began telling employees at the 500 Club that Google could potentially file criminal charges over the phone.

A couple of days later, Google retrieved the phone, and Katz offered Barton a free phone if he kept the situation to himself.

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3 user comments

128.10.2012 9:48

Seems to much like an easy way to get free advertisement? As a developer having worked on many "top secret" projects no one could ever take such equipment out of the lab. Devices needed to be signed for and returned at the end of a shift. Possibly the places where I've worked were super anal, but those policies were in place.

228.10.2012 12:41

the real question should be did the employee have too much to drink and sell the phone.

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329.10.2012 10:17

wow,lot of new technology seems to get lost at bars these

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