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Newzbin2 closes down for good

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Nov 2012 7:35 User comments (7)

Newzbin2 closes down for good The once popular Usenet indexer has shuttered for good.
Fifteen months ago, a UK court ordered ISPs to block access to the site, citing concerns from copyright holders over widespread piracy.

The owners of the site noted that they could no longer pay their bills since "payment providers had understandably lost their nerve." Furthermore, the owners wrote "Newzbin2 was always hoped to be a viable underground commercial venture. The figures just don't stack up."

As expected, anti-piracy groups such as the BPI and MPA were ecstatic with the news. The Creative Coalition Campaign, which represents the aforementioned groups, had this to say: "This is great news. Pirate websites should not be allowed to trade as this undermines the ability of legitimate businesses to recoup their considerable investment and threatens jobs in the creative sector."

Newzbin2 followed Newzbin1 after it was sued by the MPA and taken down. The original site had over 700,000 registered users.

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7 user comments

130.11.2012 08:42

I think their biggest problem was there is lots of providers who undercut them and many punters voted with their feet.

230.11.2012 09:03

It brings tears to my eyes. I used the service for the ability to do a detailed search of usenet content that other providers just did not do as well. I've used usenet since the late 80s and the ability to access content has evolved tremendously. But having said that I can always go back to the basics. It just makes my searches take a lil longer. But I am still looking for a nice alternative. Usenet is not all about pirating. It's a vehicle that allowed people to share content that now transfer services, Sky drives and peer programs do today. I still prefer Usenet over all other options for privacy reasons.

Sad to see you go Newzbin2. Hope you guys revisit it with even better success. Keep us up to date.

330.11.2012 12:42

It's a very sad day!
RIP Newzbin

"Trying is the first step towards Failure" Homer.J.Simpson

430.11.2012 15:38

Try I've used this since the demise of Newzbin 1. I can recommend it.

530.11.2012 19:22

All the Usenet sites are pay sites. Who needs them.

61.12.2012 20:12

Never heard of it. Well... it rings a bell, but I never used it :p

To delete, or not to delete. THAT is the question!

710.12.2012 08:45
Unverified new user

Originally posted by plazma247:
I think their biggest problem was there is lots of providers who undercut them and many punters voted with their feet.

Bring back NEWZBIN2.. I miss it :(. I would pay a members fee as well as pay for weekly credit. if they cant.. then release the source code? make it opensource. Such a shame.

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