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Iran: Stuxnet worm is back

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Dec 2012 4:27 User comments (4)

Iran: Stuxnet worm is back According to an Iranian news publication, the powerful worm dubbed 'Stuxnet' is back.
The outlet has reported another cyber attack, this time on industries located in the country's south.

The report quoted provincial civil defense chief Ali Akbar Akhavan who said the virus hit a power plant among other industries. Akhavan also noted that this team of experts were able to "successfully stop" the worm from causing damage.

In the past years, Stuxnet and other worms, such as 'Flame' have been aimed at Iran's oil and nuclear programs, with varying degrees of success although some have certainly set back the nation's programs months.

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4 user comments

126.12.2012 14:12

1st........the U.S. will no doubt get blamed for this......whether or not we actually DID.

2nd........NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING can be taken seriously from this country, EVER and they can NEVER EVER be even if they do blame's moot.

226.12.2012 16:05

Er... The US already has admitted involvement in the Stuxnet worm.

311.1.2013 16:05
Unverified new user

Defense chief Admiral Akbar?


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