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Is this Samsung's Galaxy smartwatch UI?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2013 13:38 User comments (4)

Is this Samsung's Galaxy smartwatch UI? Over the past week, rumors have heated up that Samsung is preparing to launch a Galaxy smartwatch, once again beating Apple to the punch.
Apple has long been rumored to be creating an 'iWatch' with curved glass and a variant of the iOS operating system made popular by the iPhone and iPad. Little is confirmed about the Apple device, however, and there is a good chance it will not be released this year.

A few supposed screenshots of the Galaxy Watches' interface have leaked today, giving a better look into what may be.

As with all rumors, take with a grain of salt, but it certainly would be interesting to see if Samsung gets in the new market.

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4 user comments

115.2.2013 15:15

looks like a windows OS

215.2.2013 17:42

Please for the love of god samsung dont give me metro like interface, be full of droid'ey widgety goodness instead :-)

322.2.2013 12:40

Looks windows to me.

422.2.2013 12:40

Looks windows to me.

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